Sunday, February 16, 2020
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Internet Advertising

The Internet is the new fourth means that has been newly added to the list of traditional media such as television, radio and printed literature.

It is today the most effective way to promote various advertising campaigns and public awareness of the consumer.


SITE Website is an ad network linked to many of the leading websites in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries.These Ads contains more than 50 locations within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Website offers e-marketing solutions for the new media advertising for many local and international companies leading through sophisticated technology to target targeting SIM card according to their interests and geographical places. Advertising agency include more than 50 Saudi site of the most visited sites and more efficient by Alexa Alexa rankings and electronic communities with rich content targeted by class based on what they love .. Whether they are sports fans .. Or rebounds fashion and beauty .. Or socially ongoing .. Or businessmen who follow the news and daily newspapers.

To continue to come from the consumer to choose the appropriate means with the right content to the target audience.

Our mission

Our mission to create a long-term professional relationship with our customers, our mission also will be باستمرارنا in growth to achieve the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, offering new concepts and solutions for e-announcement

Our goals

To achieve the desired goals of our clients through online advertising by offering by providing outstanding service and high effort and do whatever it takes to exceed our clients' expectations, and to make them feel that they are the most important and best companies in the world and they are also for us.


The pioneers in online advertising and our development of methods of advertising media in Saudi Arabia.

To become a leading site in providing online advertising solutions.

To contribute to the online advertising industry in style.


Lead in the online advertising sector.

Leading ad network on the Middle East.


Website is based on the implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet via the following means:

1.Advertising space on the Web Site for advertising websites Banners Marketing

2.Advertising Using Social Networks Social marketing

3.Advertising using e-mail messages E-mail Marketing

4.Advertising using Alvedewalaalanah window Video marketing

5.Advertising by using the sponsorship ad network the Sponsorship sites advertising

6.Advertising using SMS Mobile Marketing

Advantages of online advertising

* Aloktremcahidh compared with traditional advertising means.

* least expensive compared with other traditional advertising media.

* sophisticated technology to see ad hits and the number of click and the efficiency of the ad.

* high potential for creativity in designing advertising techniques with audio and visual effects and kinetic.

* easier access to the appropriate target audience for the advertiser.

* Permanent repeated ad running continuously for 24 hours and for a full month.

* possibility of changing the advertising material for your products during the campaign period.

* Declaration closest to the eyes than any other advertising medium.

* ability to deliver more information about the product and its details and its price and how to get it.

* Ability to see the reactions of Almst


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